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  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
  • Hanafuda MIYABI
Description of 花札MIYABI

◆ ◆ As early as the cumulative total exceeded 130,000 DL! ◆ ◆
With a guide function that even beginners can enjoy!
Please enjoy the best operation feeling, overwhelming presence feeling, overwhelming quality.
Forget the daily bustle, do not you notice the time when you are "MIYABI" for a moment?

◆ ◆ Contest winning collection addition! ◆ ◆
Add 185 Ukiyo-e prints as a new winning collection!
The winning streak collection will be presented every ten consecutive wins!
With 10 consecutive wins, B ranked 20 consecutive wins, ranked A ranked 30 consecutive wins, S rank and degree of conquest in winning streaks are going up!
Please try to win the winning streak!
※ After 40 consecutive victories, it is repeated from B rank.

◆ ◆ Celebration! A cumulative total of 600,000 people! ! ◆ ◆
During the period, you can usually play 3 lifecases with Life Case + 2 5 pieces.
* If you have purchased additional life cases, you will be 5 + additional purchases.

★ Including the classic rule "Hokkaido" of Hanafuda!
It contains the most standard "KOIKOI" in the rules of Hanafuda.
You can learn right away and enjoy the elegant adult play even in a little vacant time!

★ Realistic presence full of flower battle battle!
· Intuition (flick) operation that can be put into play even by sliding a card!
- Automatic save function that can be started from continuation anytime anywhere!
· The lighting of commitment that brings out the highest grade atmosphere!

★ Win the game and get the ukiyoe collection!
If you win a match with more than a certain score, you can get an ukiyoe collection.
Higher ranked collections are available for winning higher score!
※ If you go on winning streaks further? !

★ Aim for the top ranking!
You can compete with other players in the rankings by points and winning number of the collection you won over the Koike game.

◆ Price application body: Free ※ There are some charged items.

◆ Other notes · About save
Save is done automatically.
If you quit the application during the save or turn off the power, save data may be damaged.
Please try to terminate the application after returning to title as much as possible.
We also recommend playing with sufficient battery power.

· About communication
This application is communicating during game play, so you can not play games in poor communication environment.
Please play in a place with good communication situation.

· About time setting This application has acquired time by communicating with the server, and can not play if the time of your terminal differs from the time of server.
It is recommended to set the date and time automatically by general setting.

· About illegal action In this application, there are cases where appropriate sanctions are taken for users who have performed the following cheatings.
Acts of using malicious acts Producing or distributing malware Acts of conducting fraud and obtaining inappropriate interests Acts of acquiring life etc. in an unauthorized manner Acts of misusing bugs in game Entering information different from facts Acts such as creating accounts and other acts that we judge as illegal acts

· Others The rules, texts, contents etc. of this application, design etc. may be changed without notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand and download it.

Because this application has many image data etc., the application may quit unexpectedly if multiple applications are activated.
We recommend that you start this application after securing sufficient memory, such as launching this application after completely terminating other applications, or releasing memory.
Especially, those who use the previous model etc, please download it after consent beforehand.

※ We will only operate on models with Android 4.0 or higher.
However, some models may not be available.
Currently the tablet model is not supported.

* We do not support support, compensation etc. other than the recommended terminal, so please download it after acknowledging it beforehand.

* As we update version of this application etc., we may change recommended terminal and supported OS version, but please be forewarned.

* Please understand beforehand that there may be problems with this application due to OS version upgrade.

Version history 花札MIYABI
New in net.jp.sorairo.hanafuda 1.5.20
gave a · 64bit corresponding
※ game There is no change in the content
New in net.jp.sorairo.hanafuda 1.5.8
We fixed bug that there was information that was not displayed partly.
We have fixed some functions.
New in net.jp.sorairo.hanafuda 1.5.7
I added a menu during the match. The display of the winning combination and the setting of BGM · SE were added to the menu.
New in net.jp.sorairo.hanafuda 1.5.6
We made some adjustments.
New in net.jp.sorairo.hanafuda 1.5.3
We modified the ranking function to use Play Game. ※ To use the ranking function you need to login to Google Play.
New in net.jp.sorairo.hanafuda 1.4.8
We made some adjustments. We changed the handover process.
New in net.jp.sorairo.hanafuda 1.4.7
Ver 1.4.5 The commentary on the winning streak collection was updated. Ver 1.4.4 We fixed some troubles. Ver 1.4.3 · We updated the commentary on paintings. · We updated the layout when reading commentary on paintings. · When putting cards of a hand or a deck of cards in a basketball, if there are two same cards, we hide the button to put out. Ver 1.4.1 · Partial commentary on paintings was updated. - We adjusted the details. Ver 1.4.0 · We made it possible to transition from title to Hana Online. · Fine brush up · Adjustment was done.
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